Thank you, SMEAF, for your support!


What is SMEAF?

SMEAF is the Sandwich Montessori Enrichment and Assistance Fund, Sandwich Montessori School’s version of the PTA. We are a group of parents and teachers who believe that a Montessori education should be more accessible to members of our community, who believe that our children’s education should be enriched through additional activities, and that Sandwich Montessori School should have a place in the greater community. Throughout the year we organize several all-school events, and when extra funds are available, we provide funds for awesome supplementary materials like The Music Works Program your children enjoy every morning in the classroom just before the day officially begins! In addition, we provide funds for financial assistance to families in need. We are trying to perform more community outreach and education but we need your help! The more involved we are in our children’s education, the better their education will be. SMEAF is not simply about fundraising. It’s an organization which endeavors to bring the school community together, further enrich our children’s education and share the Montessori philosophy with our community.

We would love to see you at one of our meetings! It’s a great way to stay connected, be involved and make new and lasting friendships! To get involved, please plan to attend a scheduled meeting. All meetings are open to all members of The Sandwich Montessori community: teachers and parents alike.