Our 6 Favorite Montessori Blogs

There are so many incredible Montessori blogs and resources online these days, which are great for allowing us to connect with other families and educators and share in their Montessori adventures. Our favorites are those that really show the essence of Montessori in daily life and the home.

Sandwich Montessori has compiled a list of some of our favorite parenting and educational blogs having to do with the Montessori philosophy and learning style. Whether you are new to the concepts, searching around for different types of early education styles, or are looking for more inspiration for your own Montessori journey at home, here is a great list for you.

1 trillium montessori.jpg

Trillium Montessori




Montessori resources, inspiration, and a touch of humor for Montessorians around the world.

Seemi has a tiny, one-classroom school in North Carolina. She loves all things early childhood and Montessori, and Trillium is where she shares her experiments and collections. Whether you are a parent, teacher, school leader or entrepreneur, you are sure to enjoy using Seemi’s resources as much as she has enjoyed creating and curating them.

Re-energize your Montessori practice, learn, get inspired, make materials, and join the Trillium Montessori community.

2 bellas casa.jpg

Bella’s Casa



Jae Jun, Founder of Bella’s Casa, is a mother who has been a Montessori teacher for over a decade. She brings her creativity, experience, and passion to her work of supporting parents. Jae gives you tools that you can immediately use to create beautiful, organized, and thoughtful Montessori spaces in your home. As a result, your children will love learning, and you’ll support their untapped potential!

Bella's Casa is a wonderful resource for all parents who want to create (or enhance) Montessori learning spaces and activities that will grow a child's mind and instill confidence.

3 how we montessori.jpg

How We Montessori




Kylie D’Alton is passionate about Montessori in the home. Her 3 children are raised the Montessori way and she has captured much of their development on their blog- from birth to 6 years. Kylie is also the co-author and photographer of a children's cookbook Kids in the Kitchen : Simple Recipes That Build Independence and Confidence the Montessori Way. The cookbook contains step by step photographed recipes that pre-readers can use independently.

How We Montessori provides a wealth of knowledge and inspiration for your own Montessori journey at home!

4 baan dek.jpg

Baan Dek




Baan Dek provides an incredible Montessori foundation for children and an inspirational resource for teachers and parents. The founders of Baan Dek take seriously the notion that everyone learns differently and at their own pace, with the understanding that there cannot be only one way to learn, any more than there can be only one way to teach. They also believe, as Montessori says, that children are the promise and hope for mankind, and that these foundations are the building blocks of life.

Follow the Baan Dek blog for activities, spotlights, podcasts and interviews with leaders in the Montessori community.

5 our montessori life.jpg

Our Montessori Life




Beth is a mother of 2 boys and a Certified Montessori Teacher teaching in a 3-6 year old (Primary) Montessori class. Beth’s home is full of a love of learning, and Montessori is not just school for her family: It is their life.

Our Montessori Life strives to share the peaceful, respectful principles of the Montessori pedagogy with families, schools & communities around the world.

6 carrots are orange.jpg

Carrots Are Orange




A writer since old enough to hold a pencil, Marnie is a Montessori teacher with a passion for sharing parenting & learning goodness. With her blog, Carrots Are Orange, Marnie teaches you how to embrace Montessori in your home (and your classroom). She has created a community of Montessori parents and teachers that offer resources, ideas and learning materials, and shares tips on how to live the Montessori life without breaking the bank.

Carrots Are Orange makes Montessori living & learning accessible to all!

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