7 Values Of A Montessori Education

Montessori education is a method of learning based on hands-on learning, self-directed activity, and collaborative play. This unique approach to education developed by Dr. Maria Montessori encourages students to develop naturally.  Here at Sandwich Montessori, our main goal is to help each child become a self-assured, independent, life-long learner.  

Each classroom is assembled with Montessori materials and reflects the caring and well-prepared environment in which our teachers respectfully guide and follow the child.  Teachers integrate nature and outdoor learning on a regular basis, and we are dedicated to learning in our classrooms without walls as we extend the educational experiences into the outdoors.

Keep reading to learn the seven values of a Montessori Education.

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1. Montessori Education Inspires Independence

Dr. Maria Montessori believed that you should never help a child with a task they feel like they can succeed at. Opportunities in a Montessori classroom lets the child decide what THEY want to do.

When children decide things for themselves, their independence, self-confidence, self-belief, and self-esteem flourishes, and stays with them throughout life.

Classrooms are filled with a variety of tasks that give children the option to explore.   Each child gets to choose from what is available or join a group for collaborative play. They are taught from a young age to make choices based on their internal drive, keeping in mind that each child is unique and will progress at different levels.  

At Sandwich Montessori School, we love the “No!” attitude of toddlers and twos. It’s an assertion of autonomy that leads to a “yes” to new development opportunities like increased body control and expression of feelings. Only when children feel a sense of self-sufficiency are they ready to move to the next critical task of realizing that they are capable. This is an important step out into the wider world as active learners and problem-solvers. Through competence, children develop genuine confidence and a sense of who they are in the world.

2. Children Learn Through Exploration

Children learn through exploration with a Montessori education, taking an active learning approach. Our team at Sandwich Montessori creates your child’s curriculum based on the observations of the children in the classroom. This means that our teachers learn about your child’s needs, strengths, and interests and then creates their curriculum from those keen observations.

Preschoolers are so full of wonder from the time they wake up until their sweet eyes close at bed time.  It’s important that they are given time to explore their 5 senses through music, fine motor, sensory stations, books, different textures & smells.  Keeping a structured, yet flexible environment teaches them problem solving skills and taps into their multiple intelligences. Experimenting with different objects allows children to make a prediction, investigate, and analyze.  Successfully learning the basics of math, science, arts & engineering empowers the child & sets them up for a bright future.

3. Montessori Teaching Is Rooted In Observation and Individualization

When you follow the child, they will show you what their interests are and reveal the areas where they are challenged. Montessori education focuses on presenting the child with various toys and material choices instead of telling them what they CAN’T do.

This method is used so you can see what motivates & drives the child without the need to intervene.  Montessori education values autonomy, and learning to foster your child’s love for learning through self-exploration.

Teachers present an environment that includes social, emotional, academic & physical experiences.  An individualized academic plan is developed for each student depending on their academic level, leaving their progression entirely in their hands.  Giving students freedom is essential for them to learn how to navigate, problem solve & discover all by themselves.

4. Montessori Schools Teach Curiosity

Young children are learning how to comprehend language.  Montessori helps create a smooth transition from each developmental stage helping children navigate through sensory, order, socialization and order. Giving children the freedom to explore, fail & try again and supporting them through the entire process helps your child reach their full potential. Being a part of a group that teaches love & acceptance will help your child learn how to support others and welcome challenges.  We focus on building emotional intelligence that will benefit them the rest of their lives.

Sandwich Montessori School is dedicated to providing an outstanding learning environment for children between the ages of birth and six years and follows a philosophy of child-centered education with an accent on nature and the arts. Our goal is for each child to fulfill his or her potential in a safe, caring and challenging environment.

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5. Montessori Classrooms Are Prepared Environments

Montessori is a method built specifically to nurture that growth and development and focuses on facilitating a structured hands on learning environment that involves self-directed activity while incorporating play.

This prepared environment invites children to learn through play. Montessori means that work and learning are equivalent in teaching and growth.  A teacher’s role is to foster an environment where children will learn and develop. At Sandwich Montessori School, classrooms provide a stimulating environment for children to learn and express themselves with an emphasis on self-esteem.

In a Montessori environment, your child typically stays in the same classroom for a 3 year cycle, which means they establish friends and feel the sense of a loving community.  They learn to recognize that each person is different, working at different paces and on various projects and you often see the older children mentoring their younger peers.

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6. Montessori Teachings Value The Child’s Interests and Abilities

Children take in everything in their environment. Montessori classrooms are designed to give children opportunities to develop naturally and at their own pace. 

Classrooms are filled with activities that are meant to encourage children to interact with learning materials as well as with each other. This allows students to choose activities they want to work on, letting them make choices based on what they're interested in. When you allow children to make their own choices, this encourages autonomy.  

Education is a process and each individual learns and grows at a different rate. In the words of Dr. Maria Montessori, “Free the child's potential, and you will transform him into the world.”

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7. Montessori Schools Encourage Accountability

Self-assessment plays a major role in the Montessori classroom. In classrooms where educational activities are accessible, it helps children work and grow at their own pace. This gives children opportunities to review, practice and move forward based on what they are drawn to. This allows them to take control of their learning. Children will exercise their independence but are also given opportunities to work with their peers and support those in need.

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Consider A Montessori Education For Your Child

Now you know all the wonderful values of a Montessori education, helping your child grow into the best version of their truest, most unique self.  It’s important to understand the educational concepts anywhere you may enroll your child. This lays the foundations for the child’s behavior and attitudes later in life, and a Montessori style education can have great positive impacts.

We’re different than traditional child care and daycares.  Come check us out. We would love to meet you!

Don’t miss out on the benefits of Montessori for your child. Your child will gain unique learning experiences and big developmental strides.

1. Your Child Will Gain Confidence With Custom, Hands-On Learning.

2. Your Child Can Learn At Their Own Pace, Awakening Their Spirit, Imagination, And Passions.

3. Your Child Learns Cooperation And Community With Multi-Age Classrooms.

4. Your Child Will Develop A Lifelong Love Of Learning.

5. Your Child Will Learn Independence.

6. Your Child Will Develop With The Learning Style That Is Best For Them.

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