Our Guiding Objectives

Our main goal is to help each child become a self-assured, independent, life-long learner


Nurture & Encourage

To nurture and encourage the utmost respect for the child, his or her peers, the community of the school, and the world around us, where the rights and needs of the child are met and upheld


Positive Self Image

To develop and protect a positive self-image in the child


Enriched Learning

To incorporate the principles developed by Dr. Maria Montessori into an enriched learning environment with a focus on building a connection to the natural world, and ensuring students have ample time to learn from and in the outdoors.


Enhance Creativity
& Independence

To enhance creativity and independence through allowing responsible choices within the guidelines of the classroom.


Build Community

To build a strong sense of community spirit by working together, learning from one another and valuing the opinions and differences of other


Develop a life-long love of learning

To aid the child in the life long journey of problem solving, and critical thinking, and to help develop a love of learning

Sandwich Montessori School has been firmly established for more than 20 years and is dedicated to providing a quality educational experience for children from three months through kindergarten.  Our multi-age classrooms are full of joy and excitement for learning and well-prepared with the materials students need to excel in learning at all developmental stages.

Our two-acre campus on Cotuit Road is nestled on a wooded lot with the peacefulness of a natural setting.  The Cottage, with two classrooms and a large outdoor area provides our  learning and growing space for our preschool children.  Our spacious Carriage House is home to the learning environments for our babies and toddlers with an additional serene and stimulating outdoor space, designed to meet their needs.   

Each classroom is fully equipped with Montessori materials and reflects the caring and well-prepared environment in which our teachers respectfully guide and follow the child.  Teachers integrate nature and outdoor learning on a regular basis, and we are dedicated to learning in our classrooms without walls as we extend the educational experiences into the outdoors.

SMS was the best investment our family has made and I only wish we could have had the opportunity to send our kiddos there for their whole educational experience.”
— Anne, Sean, Leo & Lily Villano


Our Purpose & Dedication Commitment

The Sandwich Montessori School is dedicated to providing an outstanding learning environment for children between the ages of birth and six years. Our school is dedicated to the principles of Dr. Maria Montessori, and follows a philosophy of child-centered education with an accent on nature and the arts. Our goal is for each child to fulfill his or her potential in a safe, caring and challenging environment. The Sandwich Montessori School provides a stimulating environment for children to learn and express themselves with an emphasis on self-esteem.