Enriching Minds & Building Life Experiences

The Sandwich Montessori Schools is highly dedicated to upholding the traditions and pedagogy of the Montessori philosophy.  Enrichment activities are included throughout your child’s learning experiences and are part of the regular monthly tuition.  Here at Sandwich Montessori these relevant enrichment lessons and experiences are tied into the curriculum in a variety of ways and enhance your child’s overall learning and Montessori experience at Sandwich Montessori School.  Much is integrated into the day, such as music appreciation as part of our morning meeting, Spanish, and American Sign Language.

Enrichment activities that require dedicated segments of time to teach, engage in, and practice and are not easily integrated into the uninterrupted work period are typically offered in the afternoons.  This approach allows us to stay true to Montessori and maintain the uninterrupted work period.


A few of our enrichment programs:

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In addition to assembling their own snack from the organic and all natural options we offer, our students cook and bake many of the healthy snacks we offer.  Students regularly help to make hummus, bake breads, homemade granola bars, scrumptious and healthy dips to serve with fresh vegetables, lasagna, and other treats.

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A guiding principle of Montessori education is meeting the needs of the whole child: mind, body, and spirit and is guided by peace education.  As matter of practice, teachers and students work together to grow and learn in a respectful environment that is supportive and takes into consideration all aspects of the child.  Yoga is deeply connected with these aspects of the Montessori philosophy in that students are building the coordination skills their bodies need, the concentration their minds need, and the sense of calm their spirits need. 

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Students at the preschool level are in the sensitive period for language acquisition an learn language almost effortlessly.  They develop an understanding of the rules of language, build vocabulary, and learn to communicate in their primary language without much formal instruction.  At Sandwich Montessori School, we expose our students to Spanish through song, day-to-day vocabulary building, and with cultural experiences.

Music Appreciation

Each week students of all ages, infants – preschoolers, take part in music enrichment provided by Meryl, from Meryl’s music.  They they learn rhythm, pitch, songs, and are exposed to a variety of musical instruments.  The lively song and melody helps children to develop an appreciation and understanding of music and helps to develop creativity and a new way of thinking about the world around them.