The SMS Way

We’re different than traditional child care and daycares, but how do we stand from other
Preschool & Montessori
options in the area:


Longest History | Generations of Families

We have the longest history of those in our area – families continue to seek us out because we have the expertise and longevity that gives peace of mind.

Integrated Sign language & spanish lessons

During the day, our teachers incorporate American Sign Language and Spanish in their lessons.  We teach these added components as part of the integrated curriculum, rather than a separate component.  The integrated curriculum is also a tenet of Montessori and an extension of learning, rather than a separate subject or piece during the work period.

Full morning Work period = full montessori impact

We offer the full work period in the morning to build the concentration that is the cornerstone of growing as a learner, and a key tenant of the Montessori philosophy.  Some schools try to fit in specials, lunch, and outdoor play during the morning.  This practice diminishes the Montessori impact, especially in the preschool setting, where the recommended work period is three hours.

nature : our Classroom without walls

We have a beautiful, two-acre, wooded campus where our students spend large amounts of time learning outdoors in our classroom without walls.  The outdoor environment has been intentionally designed to support Montessori learning, and build that vital connection to our natural world that many of our children are missing out on in today’s world.

Afternoon Enrichment Experiences beyond the classroom

In the afternoons, we offer additional enrichment experiences as part of the regular tuition including cooking, music, and art. 

• Our preschool students use our licensed kitchen to create snack for the entire campus and you can find our kids making hummus, nutritious yogurt dips, and baking breads and homemade granola bars. 

• All classrooms have music lessons twice per week with Meryl’s Music and teachers incorporate what they learn from Meryl into daily routines.

• All students take part in regular art enrichment.

• And . . . coming this spring: fruit and vegetable garden and ducks and chickens!

“We cannot say enough wonderful things about this school!! Our son looked forward to going to school and learning something new everyday! You can’t get that kind of education many places!! Thank you Sandwich Montessori for making a world of difference in our son’s life and ours!!”
— Ashley S.